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Naveena Group is a rapidly expanding conglomerate of companies dedicated to the business of progress and sustainability. Having begun its journey in 1971, the group’s global footprint extends across denim, spinning, property development, steel and power.

Our Vision

To develop into a company whose diversified portfolios further enrich us to be a partner that adds value to businesses, associates and stakeholders through proven and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

We believe that authenticity, integrity and sustainability are the fibers which bind our organization into a dynamic that continuously aspires to identify with the infinite possibilities that surround us in ways that express the ideals of our people, our businesses and the environment — through job creation, skills development and empowerment through education.

Our Values

Customer focus

We believe in earning our customers’ trust by understanding their needs, while providing them with unique products and services.


We believe in honesty, transparency and rigorous compliance and regulatory benchmarks that set the highest bar for employee and consumer rights.


We work tirelessly to preserve the health, safety and well-being of our employees and the community in which we operate — all the time minimizing our carbon footprint through recycling, water management and energy conservation.


We believe in pursuing innovation to identify new opportunities and build an organization that values and is dedicated to diversity.


We believe nothing is impossible and that true growth is an outcome of setting and achieving higher goals so that we are not only leaders in our markets but champions of industry.



Naveena denim (NDM)

Established in Karachi in 2003, NDM has emerged as a recognized name in the industry due to its extensive R&D and impeccable marketing strategies.

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Naveena denim (NDL)

Established in Lahore in 2006, NDL takes denim production to the highest level of creative engineering by investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

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Naveena spinning

Established in 2010, Naveena Spinning is equipped with a best-in-class spinning setup capable of blending both natural and synthetic fibers.

Naveena developers

Naveena Developers’ high-end residential and corporate projects raise the bar of expectations with respect to construction and sustainability.

Naveena steel

Naveena Steel is the most technologically advanced greenfield project in the country with a capacity to produce 300,000 TPA of steel bars at Port Qasim, Karachi.

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Naveena power

In line with its values on sustainable development, Naveena Group decided to enter into power portfolio based on renewable energy.

Naveena spinning

Staying true to our vision of glocal diversification, Naveena Group established its Spinning Unit in 2010. Spinning around our core business principles of unparalleled quality and constant innovation, you’ll find efficiency and technology at the center of its foundations.

Initially started with a setup of 19,200 spindles, it soon became the heart of Naveena Group’s supply chain management through backward integration, adding an impressive product base of specialized yarn with preeminent quality. Therefore, the unit was expanded to 42,000 spindles by adding 22,800 spindles in 2014 with an enhanced capacity to produce 22,350 tons of yarn per annum. Our count range is from Ne 5/1 to Ne 18/1. The unit is spinning the best quality yarn to Naveena Group’s denim units and to its customers worldwide.

The product range also includes fibres, filaments and synthetic yarns including:
  • Viscose;
  • Modal (White, Black, Micro, Micro AIR, Beige, Blue ,Marine Blue);
  • Thermolite (White, Black);
  • Coolmax (White, Black);
  • ThermoCool (White, Black);
  • Tencel;
  • Miyabi;
  • Polyproplene (White, Black)
  • Polyester (White, Black);
  • Dyneema (White, Black);
  • Antimicrobial XT2
The product portfolio of the unit includes:
  • Plain yarn;
  • Siro yarn;
  • Slub yarn;
  • Stretch yarn with all danier; and
  • Dual Core Stretch yarn with all danier.

We believe the future belongs to those who spin the best quality relations with their stakeholders and therefore, we remain committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements by going the extra mile.

Naveena developers

Naveena Developers’ high-end residential and corporate projects raise the bar of expectations with respect to construction and sustainability.

Naveena steel

In line with its Vision of diversification and sustainable growth, Naveena Group decided to enter into the steel sector. Forged in 2018, Naveena Steel Mills (Private) Limited is setting up a steel melting and rerolling mill with a capacity to produce 300,000 TPA of steel bars. The project aims to fulfill the infrastructure development requirements of the country in the years to come. Powered by the pioneering Continuous Casting production process, it will be the first of its kind in Pakistan with state-of-the-art equipment to produce high efficiency, and even higher quality rebar steel.

Naveena power

Naveena Power has entered into a joint venture to form Lakeside Energy (Pvt.) Limited and is currently developing a 50MW windmill power project at Jhimpir, Thatta, Sindh.

According to the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Jhimpir falls in the Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor, which is a 70x100 kilometer coastal stretch, with the capacity to generate up to 50,000MW of electricity. In 2005, the AEDB and Pakistan Meteorological Department identified its natural potential due to approximate wind speeds of 7.3 metres per second (m/s) — or almost 25 feet per second. Naveena Power is also actively pursuing other opportunities in the renewable energy sector to supplement Pakistan's growing demand for clean energy.


Corporate social responsibility


We believe education is a lifeline that is essential for productive and independent communities. Which is why we support The Citizen’s Foundation’s development goals.


We are constantly seeking quality ecological solutions in operations or procurement of our materials, in accordance with our sustainability vision.


Our community initiatives extend to children in destitute localities by extending development and financial support to 1,500 students currently and upto 5,000 in the near future.


We are standard bearers in process efficiency, eco-friendly production and diligent conservation practices that continue to surpass our global peers.



We consider the people of Naveena to be our greatest asset. We serve the needs of our businesses by implementing key hiring processes and creating a performance-driven culture for the group’s companies.

We attract, develop and retain talent, ensuring employee inclusion and engagement. Throughout our work, we strive to deliver clear, simple and effective services for the well-being of our people.

If you have the expertise and the desire to join Naveena Group, click the button below for possibilities and opportunities.

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Our Team

We believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions, ultimately producing a positive economic impact. We have attracted some of the most talented professionals from around the world in our companies.

They stay to build rewarding careers due to our commitment to them and our high expectations for excellence. Our people are our most valuable asset; contiuously percieving challenges as opportunities.


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