About Naveena
A vast variety of businesses make up the Naveena Group which was established in 1989 by the late Riaz Ahmed Tata. The company started with manufacturing textiles, but with their commitment to always producing the highest-quality items, their clientele grew and turned Naveena into a huge group. Now our portfolio currently includes firms in the textile, steel, energy, and real estate development sectors with a key focus on sustainability.

Our Story

Naveena Group is one of the few businesses, that despite its vast production, continues to uphold worldwide standards of quality. We aim to use our technology, knowledge, and expertise to set high-quality standards and procedures that in return will help the country to progress.


Our Vision

To become an entity that uses sustainable methods and cutting-edge technology throughout all its processes, which add more value to its business.

Our Values

Customer Focus
Creating lasting relationships with you
Maintaining business ethics and everyone’s rights.
Practices that don’t harm our planet
Be the flagbearers of change