Beyond Business
Naveena Group’s vision for corporate social responsibility is reflected in the fields of education and community support. Naveena firmly believes in giving back to the community and assisting people in achieving their dreams. They are achieving this through education funds for underprivileged children, our specialized vocational training programs, and supporting various hospitals and medical programs.


In keeping with Sustainable Development Goal 4, "Quality Education," we place a special emphasis on social initiatives designed to raise educated, healthy, and productive future generations.
Naveena is one of The Citizens Foundation's most ardent supporters and manages all costs for more than 2 Schools with 1500 students out of which 51% are females. We are also supporters of the Habib University.


Community Support programs

These programs help the local community achieve a sustainable source of income for their households. We organize Skill Development training program and Community Development Program.

Other CSR Contributions

Naveena group’s contribution towards the society continues by providing health and medical support to Aga Khan Hospital and Indus Hospital.