Naveena Denim Lahore (NDL)is a leading denim fabric mill specializing in manufacturing preeminent denim fabrics – with a passion that has remained unique since its inception. Every single thread that has been woven reflects our unified vision of the future.
NDL is recognized for novel denim innovations, taking denim manufacturing to the highest level of creating engineering by investing in state-of-the-art production units, sustainable developments, and a diversified product range.
We have ventured into the future by adopting carbon-free practices and implementing a core strategy that includes people, the environment, and technology.


We are a team of dedicated professionals driven by a goal to transform the future of denim and to make a difference today, for a better tomorrow.
NDL is a growing family of diverse employees weaved together as one unit passionately committed to denim.



Our future-centric approach to creating concepts is not only revolutionizing fashion but is equally contributing to the preservation of resources vital to us and the next generation. Our vision is aligned with the planet's drive towards sustainability through water conservation practices, eco-friendly production, and renewable energy (solar and windmill) projects.


Our modern technology, cutting-edge fabric developments, and creative R&D have enabled us to manufacture denim that exhibits craftsmanship, novel constructions, and closed-loop production. Through innovative techniques and collaborative methodology, we at NDL offer a personalized approach tailored to the brand's needs.


Naveena Technical (N-TECH)

NDL has extended its horizon and launched the workwear division N-TECH, developing authentic high-performance workwear denim with enhanced strength, breathability, and comfort meeting the extreme requirements for everyday workwear to protective gear.
Naveena is going beyond the basics of manufacturing high-performance denim fabrics creating jeans with a perfect balance of strength and style taking denim functionality to a new high.

Corporate Customers

We take pride in manufacturing top-quality denim fabric for customers across the globe. Our customers include Levi's, Target, JCPenney in USA & Zara, Tom Tailor, Hugo Boss, BESTSELLER, Next & M&S in Europe and UK.


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