Sustainability  Inspired by nature and giving back to nature, we are committed to push the boundaries of the denim industry while driving change for the benefit of society and a sustainable future. We have three pillars of our sustainability approach that are in line with UN Sustainable development goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Leading Innovation in Steel

The most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat source in the world, the induction heater introduced by Naveena Steel is the first one to be used in Pakistan. Induction heating provides and gives us speed and quality without impacting the environment in a major way.

Reducing our Environmental Impact

Responsible Sourcing Policy

Sustainable business starts with sustainable raw materials. Our spinning unit is providing the best quality yarn with cotton and sustainable fibers to our denim units. We have inhouse post- consumer and post-industrail waste facilty. We will soon be able to offer a minimum of 20% recycled post-consumer waste in all our products till 2024.
Focusing on climate change and energy, water stewardship, chemicals & waste management, we use the combination of the most consciously acquired raw materials and processes to minimize our impact on the planet.


AQUALTER | H2NO Organic | BCI | Recycled cotton
Hemp | Tencel | Lycra | Roica | Ciclo

Water Stewardship

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable water use is enshrined in our water management policy, which focuses on efficient use through reuse and recycling.
We are planning a future to reuse water by up to 70% by 2024

Energy Management

Our SCADA system lets us monitor how much steam, water, and chemicals are being consumed in real time, helping us reduce our consumption in a paperless environment. So far we have:

  • Managed to reduce our water consumption
  • Implemented state of the art Solar Energy system that generates 7.5MW, targeting an overall renewable energy of 40% by 2025
  • Established Lakeside Energy (Pvt.) Limited, is a 50MW wind power project which provides renewable energy to more than 250,000 households in Pakistan to further reduce our carbon footprint
We feel great pride in earning carbon credits. Our lakeside wind turbine project is engaged with CORE CARBONX SOLUTIONS for registration of Certified Emission Reduction under the clean development Mechanism (CDM).


The certifications we have achieved so far is a further indication of our commitment to fulfilling our promises. These include:

Global Initiatives

Naveena as a company, is seeking a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities of a changing climate and has partnered with multiple organizations supporting this cause


Creating a Positive Impact in Society

By focusing on occupational health and safety, creating a gender-balanced, diverse and inclusive workplace and supporting local development, we are able to steer the country in the right direction.

Societal Impacts

Partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

At Naveena, we make sure to not only reduce our environmental footprint but also be responsible towards our nature. Due to this, we have teamed up with WWF Pakistan to educate our staff on these key issues.

  • A new project covering 10,000 hectares of land, providing know-how and seeding process information to more than 500 farmers
  • Management of chemical inventories and hazardous chemical discharge (ZDHC). This will guarantee a better understanding of the fundamental requirements, procedures, and handling practices for ZDHC equipment
  • Cleaner production methods and Smart Environmental Management Practices (SEMPs). Employees will be able to comprehend how to reduce environmental pollution in their daily activities as a result
  • Utility staff members use shared objectives for sustainable water management and shared water security thanks to the Alliance for Water Steward Program