Naveena Steel has set up the most technologically advanced greenfield project in the country: a steel melting and rerolling mill, with a capacity to produce 300,000 TPA of steel rebars. Naveena Steel is the first of its kind in Pakistan to be powered by state-of-the-art European technology and Pakistan’s first Induction heater, producing the highest quality steel rebars with superior efficiency.
Our European plant which consists of direct rolling technology is able to deliver steel that is purer and stronger than ever before. Therefore, Naveena Steel rebars can be used in many modern and unique architectural projects.

Naveena Titan

Naveena Titan adheres to American Standard for Testing Material (ASTM) A 615/A-615M making these bars perfectly suited for all types of residential and commercial applications.


Naveena Pro

As they adhere to the American Standard for Testing Material (ASTM) A-706/A-706M, Naveena Pro bars are the best to use in earthquake-prone areas.

Naveena Power

Naveena Power bars are made from a unique blend of billets that offer the best strength for high-rise buildings and massive structures that are based on British Standards (BS 444:2005+A3:2016 ).


Naveena Gold

Naveena Gold Bars Grade 80 are ASTM A615/A615M compliant and provide robustness, combined strength, and added safety measures. Highly recommended for mega structures, it ensures structural integrity and is preferred for various construction applications.


Quality Control

Our Quality Control system works holistically to deliver the best possible value to our customers. We have placed strict controls to meet international quality standards by American Society for Testing and Materials, not only to maintain accuracy in chemical composition and physical properties but also to ensure our customers have the best experience. Our facility is equipped with laboratories that ensure quality at the plant at every stage, right through testing of incoming raw materials to testing of billets and finished rebars.

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